Dignity Canada Dignité

Dignity Winnipeg Dignité

Dignity Winnipeg meets on the third Friday of every month (from September to June). We meet in the Church hall of Augustine United Church, corner of River Avenue and Pulford Street, one block east of Osborne. Use the south door, at the top of the wheel-chair ramp (marked 109 Pulford).

right: south door
below: front of church on River Avenue



Doors open at 6 pm. We begin at about 6:30 pm with a pot-luck supper. (First-timers are invited to just bring themselves!) Supper is followed by a time of sharing and liturgy (ritual and prayer).

We always look forward to offering a warm welcome to newcomers, whether you are new to the LGBT community or have been out for many years.

Dignity Winnipeg participates in the city's Pride celebrations.

Join us!

Dignity Canada Dignité is Canada's organization of Roman Catholics who are concerned about our church's sexual theology, particularly as it pertains to gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered persons. We work in collaboration with other Catholic organizations seeking reform in our church's leadership and teachings.